A Day in the Life at Doggie Day Care and Boarding!

Paws-itively Healthy Canine Retreat and Spaw, 720 Morwood Road Telford, PA 18969

Did you know that most canine behavior problems stem from a lack of socialization and exercise? Allow us to entertain your dog while you’re at work, so you can look forward to a pooped pup and a relaxing evening when you get home! At Paws-itively Healthy doggie day care, dogs can be dogs. There are lots of opportunities to swim, run, and play through out the day!

Pups love coming to Paws-itively Healthy Canine Retreat and Spaw. Here dogs can be dogs, they can play all day and sleep all night. See for yourself what a day in the life at doggie day can be like!

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Why Doggie Day Care?
Everyday your pup will experience a minimum of 2 play groups and one nap time. We learn each and every dog individually first, at Paws-itively Healthy, and we place dogs in play groups based on their ability. We make sure every dog has an enjoyable day to ensure a peaceful evening!
What if my pup doesn’t get along with the others?
We love all animals, all breeds, in all shapes and sizes. We never discriminate against any animal. If you have a pup that needs a little extra care or some private time we’ll make sure he or she is cared for properly!

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