Paws-itively Healthy Canine Treat & Spaw

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Vaccines Do you Require?

We only require the Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines for Day Care and Boarding and only the Rabies Vaccine for Grooming.  We are also required by law to keep a copy of the Rabies Certificate on file for all of our guests, so we need a copy of that, as well.

My dog is not usually very active. What should I expect them to do?
A few different things may happen if your dog is not typically an active dog. One is that they remain at their typical energy level and go about their normal business. The other scenario to expect is for them to be more active. Your typical couch potato may be running, playing, wrestling, and swimming when in our fun outdoor play yard. When your dog is more active than usual and running around on a different terrain there is a chance for injuries. Picture that you are a couch potato and you decide one day to go run 5 miles… your feet are going to hurt, your legs may be sore. It is kind of the same thing with your pup. They may over exert themselves and go home a little sore, and this is perfectly normal. A helpful way to combat this would be to bring them occasionally for daycare so they can “stay in shape.”
What is in your play yard?
Our play yard is a dog’s paradise! Our biggest focal point of the play yard is the pond. The pond has naturally growing plants as well as fish, frogs and the occasional turtle! The space around the pond is a combination of grass, dirt and rocks.
Is my dog at risk of catching kennel cough even though they are vaccinated?
Kennel cough is a wide range of symptoms balled up into one term. We like to compare it to our human flu. Every year the human flu vaccine is released and many people get vaccinated. The vaccine companies predict what strain of flu that year and that is the vaccine that is given. Some people still get the flu and some don’t. The kennel cough vaccine works the same way. There could be 100 dogs in a room and 5 will get kennel cough. There could be 100 dogs in a room and 90 get kennel cough. It’s really a hit or miss. I like to share my personal example. One year one of my dogs got kennel cough, I had him at home with my other 3 dogs and the other 3 did not get kennel cough. Your dog can also get kennel cough from many different places, not just kennels. At the vets office, dog parks, pet stores, you name it… it could be from there as well. We at Paws-itively Healthy do everything we can to prevent kennel cough. Some of the things we do to prevent kennel cough at our facility is cleaning daily, no dogs share water buckets, we replace all boarding water buckets every three days as well as check for symptoms on our exams we perform. We are always happy to answer any additional questions about kennel cough so do not hesitate to give us a call!
Do the dogs always go swimming?

It is the dog’s decision if they want to go in the water or not, we do not force them to swim.

What do you do when the pond freezes?
We fence off the pond for the dog’s safety so they cannot play in the frozen water, but they still have free-reign of the grassy areas surrounding the pond.
How long are the dogs inside/outside during the day?
Since we cater to each dog’s needs, it really depends on the dog. For example, older dogs may not want to be out in the extreme hot or cold temperatures, so they’re playtime will not last as long as more young and active dogs. Our goal is to build your dog’s “friend’s list” so they can be in as many playgroups and have the maximized amount of playtime time as possible, however, a dog with a smaller “friend’s list” will still get an equal amount of activity time as the rest.
What are your hours?
Our pick-up and drop-off times are as follows.
Monday through Saturday: 9am-12pm, 4-7pm.
Sunday: 10am-12pm, 5-7pm.

Monday through Friday: 7-9am*, 4-7pm.
Saturday: 8am*, 4-7pm.
* We request your pup arrives no later than 10:30am for a full day of daycare to maximize their playtime.

Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 3pm by appointment.

What should I bring for my dog’s boarding stay?

You can bring your dog’s own food, so their diet doesn’t change, especially if they have food allergies. A favorite blanket, toy, or treats from home is always welcome for nap time, but we have plenty of our own that they can enjoy if you want to keep your personal items at home.

What should I NOT bring for my dog’s boarding stay?
If you’re pup is a “chewer” we suggest leaving their favorite bed or stuffed toy at home. We supply blankets and comforters for your pups at nap time so you don’t have to worry about packing too much. We also supply food bowls, so you don’t need to bring your own.