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The Adventures of The Rhodesian Wonder, Part One

Once upon a time, there was a shy little Rhodesian Ridgeback by the name of Harley Fletcher. Her two best friends were Jack Bauer (the Havanese, not the manly television character) and Nugget (a weird little Mutt outcast). The three of them were the perfect trio…that is until the evil Jack Russell Rex started terrorizing their tiny town of Pawsville.

Rex was as evil a villain as they came. He stole everyone’s belongings and claimed the town as his own. Tensions ran high as everybody was afraid to leave their homes. Weeks went by like this and nothing was being done to stop the tyrannical Rex.

Harley was missing her friends terribly and wished somebody would put an end to Rex’s dictatorship. Then it came to her! The super genius witch Jenna Jameson (no relation), who lived up on the mountain, could help her!

It took Harley a whole day to make it up the mountain. When she reached the witch’s lair, she was greeted by Jenna’s wolfish grin.

“Ah, my sweet child. I’ve been expecting you,” Jenna said. There was no warmth in her voice.
“H…h…hi,” Harley replied, shaking with fear.
“You have come for help to stop the evil villain Rex from destroying your town. I can help. All you need to do is wear this,” Jenna explained and suddenly Harley was wearing a red jacket.
“A jacket?” Harley asked.
“It has super powers.”

And with a wink, Jenna was gone.

Harley was definitely skeptical as she walked home in her new red jacket. She certainly didn’t feel any different and she didn’t find any buttons or levers on the jacket upon first inspection. After walking for a few miles, Harley came across a lonely skunk. The skunk charged her and she froze in fear. But as the skunk reached her, it was forced back away from her. A force field had formed around her from the jacket. So the jacket did have powers after all!

Excited, Harley started to run home. With the jacket on, she ran faster than she had ever run in her entire life. When she jumped, she could jump 3x higher! The jacket was magic!

Once she was home, Harley called Nugget and J.B. and convinced them to meet at her house. They went out in her backyard and she showed them what she could do with her new jacket. Nugget and J.B. were impressed, but they didn’t want her going to fight Rex alone.

“We’re coming with you,” J.B. told Harley and Nugget nodded in agreement.
“You guys don’t have any super powers,” Harley argued.
“I’m small and super quick,” J.B. offered.
“And I’m not afraid of anything,” Nugget chimed in.
“Fine, let’s go.”

Harley led the way through the center of Pawsville with Nugget and Jack Bauer flanking either side of her. Rex appeared at the end of Main Street, watching…waiting…

When the trio got about 30 feet from Rex, Harley started running at him. She ran so fast that she was a blur and Rex lost track of her until her force field smacked into him and sent him flying backwards. Nugget and Jack Bauer had reached where he landed and Nugget held him down while J.B. tied him up. The three best friends delivered him to the police and this is where the story of the Rhodesian Wonder begins…

To be continued…

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