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Other Services

New Puppy Support

yard clean-up
Getting a new puppy, or already have one? Finding yourself unsure about how to start caring for it? We can provide you with step by step support to get your new relationship off to the right start.

Dog Weight Management

We work with veterinarians to devise a weight loss/management plan that will trim pounds off your pooch and improve the health and vitality.

Yard Clean-up

We will come once a week or once bi-weekly to clear your yard of any waste left by your dogs.

1-2 pets: $15/week, $25/every other week
3-4 pets: $20/week, $30/every other week

Tracking, Trailing, & Airscent Training

dog tracking training
With over 9 years of experience training and working with search and rescue dogs, we can give you and your dog a fun and exciting new activity for endless entertainment.

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen

We are certified by the American Kennel Club to offer the Canine Good Citizen evaluation to individuals, groups, and organizations. Contact us to set up your evaluation.

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