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Canine Retreat

Check out our Canine Retreat!

A typical day in the life of a dog who stays with us looks like the following:

7:30 – 8:30
Time to wake up! Head outside for some “grass time” and morning walk

8:30 – 9:00
dog boarding on lake
9:00 – 10:00
Indoor/Outdoor structured activities

10:00 – 12:00
Indoor/Outdoor socialization and free time

12:00 – 3:00
Back inside for rest time in their kennels

3:00 – 4:00
Indoor/Outdoor structured activities

4:00 – 6:00
Indoor/Outdoor socialization and free time, and afternoon walk

6:00 – 6:30
Dinner time

6:30 – 9:00
Indoor/Outdoor socialization and free time

Time for bed!

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Grooming at Paws-itively Healthy

pet grooming bucks county We take pride in bringing the best and most comprehensive grooming to the area with knowledge of all breed standards. Big and small, thick and hairy, short haired, and everything in the middle, we can provide a great show trim, pet cut, or bath and brush out for your pup or kitty. Whether they come from the show ring or the pound, we love them all and will take care of your best friend with the love and care they deserve while treating them as our own. We provide an extensive range of services depending on the breed and your needs and will work with the “parents” to come up with the most practical grooming solution while keeping in mind what will help your pet feel the healthiest and most comfortable possible. In addition to their time here, we will send you home informed so you know how to keep your pet feeling great in-between visits.

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Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Camp

with Jill Stouffer, Managing Partner
doggie day care
Land a spot in our Day Camp and you’re one lucky dog! Check in here to find out all the reasons why Day Camp is so popular and beneficial! Not just for you, but for your human, too. 😉


Get ready for some super fun times at Dog Day Camp! You work a long, hard day….you deserve to come home to a clean, quiet house where you can relax and unwind, right? So how’s that working for ya? You get home from work to a very energetic greeting from your faithful friend, Fido. You’re happy to see him, yes, but as your day is coming to a close, his is just beginning, because what has he been doing while you were putting in a hard day’s work?

Sure enough, he assumes his position by the window about 15 minutes before you are due to arrive home….waiting for his real fun to begin. He’s looking forward to a long hike in the woods, some fetch in the yard, a 2-mile run around the block…..he’s ready and waiting!

You love to make him happy so you take him outside and do what you need to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted with that same enthusiasm, but know that you can bring him home and all he’ll want to do is unwind with you?

Enroll him in our Dog Day Camp Program! He’ll spend the day making new friends, playing in the snow in the winter and swimming in the summer, exercising, and having a great time. Quieter, more laid back evenings are in your future.

Only $25 for a full day (7 am – 7 pm), or $15 for half a day (7 am – 12 pm, or 3 pm – 7 pm)

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Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

with Walking Associate, Justine Klavon

If Dog Day Camp isn’t a good fit for you, there are other options, such as Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking services. Discover all the benefits of daily exercise for your dog(s) right here in our Pet-Sitting Corner, straight from our very own Sitters themselves. From funny stories to helpful tips, you’ll find it all right here!

Dog Walking: The Perfect Bond

If you’re worried about your dog or puppy being alone in the house while you’re at work, signing up for dog-walking is the way to go. Your dog never has to leave the comfort of its own home, he/she gets the chance to bond with one dog walker, and he/she will be able to learn to stick to a routine, which is a key in any dog training.

Getting to bond with one dog walker is the best part because your dog will become comfortable with them and trust is important with dogs. Once they become comfortable with their dog walker, they will be excited to see them and will learn when to expect them on a routine basis.

Personally, dog walking has been the best opportunity I’ve gotten since I’ve started working with dogs. I love getting to spend time with dogs in their own homes because they are definitely more comfortable and you really get a feel for their true personality. I have fallen in love quickly with the dogs I get to walk and I feel more like their friend than their ‘sitter.’

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Other Services

New Puppy Support

Getting a new puppy, or already have one? Finding yourself unsure about how to start caring for it? We can provide you with step by step support to get your new relationship off to the right start.

Dog Weight Management

We work with veterinarians to devise a weight loss/management plan that will trim pounds off your pooch and improve the health and vitality.

Yard Clean-up

We will come once a week or once bi-weekly to clear your yard of any waste left by your dogs.

1-2 pets: $15/week, $25/every other week
3-4 pets: $20/week, $30/every other week

Tracking, Trailing, & Airscent Training

dog training
With over 9 years of experience training and working with search and rescue dogs, we can give you and your dog a fun and exciting new activity for endless entertainment.

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen

We are certified by the American Kennel Club to offer the Canine Good Citizen evaluation to individuals, groups, and organizations. Contact us to set up your evaluation.

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