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Properly Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears Between Grooming Appointments

Does your pet shake their head, or scratch at their ears frequently? It could possibly be an infection brewing. Bacteria, yeast, or even mites could be the issue. Check your pet’s ears for redness, odor, swelling and debris.

Proper cleaning…

I recommend a gentle cleanser for routine cleanings. I use an all-natural, chemical free, alcohol free product. It thoroughly cleans and leaves the ear smelling good, without drying out the skin of the ear.

I place a dime size amount of the cleanser on cotton pad and then place it inside the ear. Next, using my index finger or pinky finger (pending on size of ear canal), I wipe the canal in an upwards motion. Please note, the ear canal of a dog is L-shaped, so you can only go down and up. Do this until there is no more dirt or debris visible on the cotton pad. Apply to both ears. Be sure to gently wipe the entire ear.

NEVER use Q-Tips, as they can break and become lodged inside the canal causing discomfort and requiring veterinary care.

Moisture can lead to yeast problems. Therefore, be sure to dry each ear thoroughly. Also, if you are applying medication to the ear, it should be clean and dry first.

This can be done at home, as well as by your Groomer. I recommend checking your pet’s ears weekly depending on breed. Always consult your veterinarian with questions and concerns. Routine ear cleaning will assist you in keeping your pet’s ears healthy and your pet happy.

Seeking Valentine…or Feedback…okay, Just Feedback

It has been a week since our Valentine festivities have come to an end. We were very pleased with the outcome, especially the involvement of our Puppygarten parents! From professional photo shoots with sketchy teddy bears to love song mixtapes (you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find blank CDs because nobody burns CDs anymore! Haha!) to our beautiful Valentine exchange. Everything ran smoothly, nobody went home empty-handed, and we had a blast making it the cutest week ever for our Puppygarteners!

Now here’s where you come in again, Puppygarten parents. We want to know how YOU felt about our Valentine’s Week. What was your favorite part? Was this even your favorite theme week so far? If it wasn’t, which one was? We care about your feedback and we want to know if we’re doing a good job. So please let us know your thoughts! You can either comment on the Facebook post or feel free to email me at . We can’t wait to hear from you!

Kindly awaiting your feedback,
Daycare & Activities Manager
Paws-itively Healthy

The Adventures of The Rhodesian Wonder, Part One

Once upon a time, there was a shy little Rhodesian Ridgeback by the name of Harley Fletcher. Her two best friends were Jack Bauer (the Havanese, not the manly television character) and Nugget (a weird little Mutt outcast). The three of them were the perfect trio…that is until the evil Jack Russell Rex started terrorizing their tiny town of Pawsville.

Rex was as evil a villain as they came. He stole everyone’s belongings and claimed the town as his own. Tensions ran high as everybody was afraid to leave their homes. Weeks went by like this and nothing was being done to stop the tyrannical Rex.

Harley was missing her friends terribly and wished somebody would put an end to Rex’s dictatorship. Then it came to her! The super genius witch Jenna Jameson (no relation), who lived up on the mountain, could help her!

It took Harley a whole day to make it up the mountain. When she reached the witch’s lair, she was greeted by Jenna’s wolfish grin.

“Ah, my sweet child. I’ve been expecting you,” Jenna said. There was no warmth in her voice.
“H…h…hi,” Harley replied, shaking with fear.
“You have come for help to stop the evil villain Rex from destroying your town. I can help. All you need to do is wear this,” Jenna explained and suddenly Harley was wearing a red jacket.
“A jacket?” Harley asked.
“It has super powers.”

And with a wink, Jenna was gone.

Harley was definitely skeptical as she walked home in her new red jacket. She certainly didn’t feel any different and she didn’t find any buttons or levers on the jacket upon first inspection. After walking for a few miles, Harley came across a lonely skunk. The skunk charged her and she froze in fear. But as the skunk reached her, it was forced back away from her. A force field had formed around her from the jacket. So the jacket did have powers after all!

Excited, Harley started to run home. With the jacket on, she ran faster than she had ever run in her entire life. When she jumped, she could jump 3x higher! The jacket was magic!

Once she was home, Harley called Nugget and J.B. and convinced them to meet at her house. They went out in her backyard and she showed them what she could do with her new jacket. Nugget and J.B. were impressed, but they didn’t want her going to fight Rex alone.

“We’re coming with you,” J.B. told Harley and Nugget nodded in agreement.
“You guys don’t have any super powers,” Harley argued.
“I’m small and super quick,” J.B. offered.
“And I’m not afraid of anything,” Nugget chimed in.
“Fine, let’s go.”

Harley led the way through the center of Pawsville with Nugget and Jack Bauer flanking either side of her. Rex appeared at the end of Main Street, watching…waiting…

When the trio got about 30 feet from Rex, Harley started running at him. She ran so fast that she was a blur and Rex lost track of her until her force field smacked into him and sent him flying backwards. Nugget and Jack Bauer had reached where he landed and Nugget held him down while J.B. tied him up. The three best friends delivered him to the police and this is where the story of the Rhodesian Wonder begins…

To be continued…

Let Your Light Shine

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately – things got crazy busy with Disney Week last week! I hope to share that with you soon 🙂 But today’s blog is about an exceptionally AWESOME day of Puppygarten today! Not only did we have a record number of FOURTEEN students here today, but TWO of our students really shined today!

First, I want to say how PROUD I am of Smokey Schlank! When he was here on Friday for his first day of daycare, he was really shy and nervous and didn’t really want to be bothered by his neighbor Dixie, who was also here for her first day. Today was Smokey’s second day and he was still rather timid and stuck by staff members while the 4 other pups in his playgroup horse-played around him. Then, out of nowhere, Smokey came out of his shell and started play bowing to Mya McGuire. Mya returned the bow and off they went! Smokey had come to life and was suddenly friends with EVERYBODY! It was ADORABLE! <3
Miss Justine is so proud of you, Smokey!!! <3 (PS. Smokey found his big boy bark!) Second, I want to introduce our newest Puppygartener Farley Hess. Today was Farley's first day of Puppygarten and he did AWESOME! He required literally NO warm-up time. He was in a playgroup with 4 other dogs and he was all of their friends the second he met them. He was so happy he was bouncing with joy! He was very fond of the staff, too 😉 But his favorite new friend is Sage, who ran around with him all day long! Instant BFF's!!!
Everybody say hi to Farley!!! We are really excited to have him join our Puppygarten class!!! <3 Today was a lot of fun and it really makes me happy to see all of our Puppygarteners happy. Success stories like these two are why I absolutely love my job. Until next blog! Justine Blogger Puppygarten Teacher Daycare & Activities Manager

Mad as a Hatter

Today, Puppygarten Teacher Miss Felicia and I went shopping in preparation for Disney week next week. If we could have bought everything in the store, we probably would have. We get SO excited about our Puppygarten Theme Weeks that we can’t contain ourselves! So when our Puppygarten students’ parents show some level of the same excitement, it makes us super happy 😀

Our best find today was our teacups for Tuesday’s Mad Hatter Tea Party. They are the most adorable things! And they’re all white for our party-goers to decorate with permanent markers 🙂 While watching Alice in Wonderland, of course!

Here is a preview for those who are as excited as we are! Cute, right?!

But I have to let you all in on a little secret. Next month’s theme is Valentine’s Day and we’re already OVER-planning for it. If I have anything to do with it, it will be our BEST theme week yet! Oh…right…I’ll have EVERYTHING to do with it! Mwuahahahahahaha!

Until next post!
Miss Justine
Puppygarten Teacher
Daycare & Activities Manager

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, everyone! Justine here. Kennel worker, dog walker, pet sitter, and newly appointed Daycare and Activities Manager at Paws-itively Healthy. Okay, not technically newly appointed because the position was just created, but still…new…

Anyway…I thought this blog would be a fun way for anyone to follow me on my journey in this magical world of pet care. Things get pretty cute and goofy, especially when I forget I’m taking care of dogs and mistake them for children who actually understand my daily shenanigans.

I just want to start this blog off with explaining why I do what I do. Adding activities to our already popular daycare class is important to me because I want the owners to feel like they’re dropping their dogs off for school in the morning. I want them to feel involved with activity days such as Show & Tell or Secret Santa or feel proud of their pups’ crafts like Paw Print Turkeys. We’ve started calling it Puppygarten because I want it to be directly correlated with Kindergarten.

I will also probably talk a lot about my dog walking clients because I visit them so often and they are a huge part of my life.

So…welcome my world! I must warn you, it may be too cute to bear at times 🙂

This is Ellie making her Paw Print Turkey. I LOVE how she is watching Miss Felicia, like she wants to make sure she is doing a good job on her Puppygarten craft <3