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Let Your Light Shine

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately – things got crazy busy with Disney Week last week! I hope to share that with you soon πŸ™‚ But today’s blog is about an exceptionally AWESOME day of Puppygarten today! Not only did we have a record number of FOURTEEN students here today, but TWO of our students really shined today!

First, I want to say how PROUD I am of Smokey Schlank! When he was here on Friday for his first day of daycare, he was really shy and nervous and didn’t really want to be bothered by his neighbor Dixie, who was also here for her first day. Today was Smokey’s second day and he was still rather timid and stuck by staff members while the 4 other pups in his playgroup horse-played around him. Then, out of nowhere, Smokey came out of his shell and started play bowing to Mya McGuire. Mya returned the bow and off they went! Smokey had come to life and was suddenly friends with EVERYBODY! It was ADORABLE! <3
Miss Justine is so proud of you, Smokey!!! <3 (PS. Smokey found his big boy bark!) Second, I want to introduce our newest Puppygartener Farley Hess. Today was Farley's first day of Puppygarten and he did AWESOME! He required literally NO warm-up time. He was in a playgroup with 4 other dogs and he was all of their friends the second he met them. He was so happy he was bouncing with joy! He was very fond of the staff, too πŸ˜‰ But his favorite new friend is Sage, who ran around with him all day long! Instant BFF's!!!
Everybody say hi to Farley!!! We are really excited to have him join our Puppygarten class!!! <3 Today was a lot of fun and it really makes me happy to see all of our Puppygarteners happy. Success stories like these two are why I absolutely love my job. Until next blog! Justine Blogger Puppygarten Teacher Daycare & Activities Manager

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